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Fender® 57/62 Strat pickups - sett 099-2117-000

Redesigned for a truer vintage tone. Reverse engineered from a coveted '63 vintage Strat, these pickups deliver the original vintage Strat® sound. The staggered, beveled edge Alnico 5 magnets with Formvar magnet wire produce glistening highs and warm lows that are unmistakably vintage. This is the tone. OEM on '57 & '62 American Vintage Stratocasters.

Includes 6 nickel plated Phillips oval head mounting screws, 6 rubber surgical height adjustment tubing, aged white pickup covers and wiring diagram. Packaging may be visually different as Fender changes graphics on packages from time to time. 

DC Resistance: 5.6K 
Inductance: 3.0 Henries
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