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Demper for LED pedallys - Pilot Light Style - Large - 5 stk RBO DAMPER JEWELL L
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Blinded by the light? Er LED lampen på din pedal ubehagelig kraftig? Da har Rockboard laget en fin løsning med selvklebende lysdempere. 

Have you ever been blinded on stage? Not by the sweet halo of the limelight, but rather the cold shine of LEDs on your pedalboards? Now there is a solution. The RockBoard LED Dampers are defractive caps for LEDs that will dampen the glare of bright LEDs on your pedals. The specially designed matte defractive dome structure defracts the light of LEDs, so the pedal's status is still clearly visible in broad daylight as well as in the dark. Coming in 2 sizes (small and large) for covering any blinding LEDs on your board, the LED Dampers will fit status LEDs with or without bevels. The LED Dampers use a high quality self-adhesive, so they stay in place, doing their duty but can easily be removed without residue.

- defractive cover for LEDs
- amp-style pilot light look
- dampens the glare of bright LEDs
- fits LEDs with or without bevel (max. 10 mm outer diameter and 3 mm height)
- self-adhesive
- 5 pcs.

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