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Bartolini P-bass b-axis PB4 b-axis PB4

Our b-axis P-Bass® Pickups are all about enormous, clear tone. They feature a new and unique fully encapsulated Alnico V exposed pole design, and yet they are still fully shielded like all our enclosed pickups. The cable is shielded as well. b-axis Jazz bass pickups are dual-inline hum-cancelling design for use in professional venues and studios. They are sweat-proof and won’t make nasty noises if you touch them.
b-axis pickups are super punchy and bright, but also warm. They have outstanding articulation, attack, and harmonic response. Musicians who play jazz, rock, country, gospel, and hip-hop are already finding their voice in b-axis pickups.

b-axis PB4 b-axis P-Bass, 4-String, Alnico 5, 19mm bridge spacing, Split Coil Pair
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