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Bartolini AGMP Kit AGMP Kit
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The AGMPB/918 is a dual-channel buffer/preamp that provides a high impedance input for use with piezo or microphonic transducers and channel isolation for magnetic pickups. Both channels are equipped with trimmers for adjustable gain allowing you to boost the output signal up to 12dB (4x) while maintaining a perfectly flat response. It is less than 1/2 the size of a 9-volt battery making it ideal for instruments with limited cavity space. The AGMPB/918 provides a powerful output signal and isolation from external equipment that may otherwise adversely affect pickup tone. This is an upgrade replacement for the MPB2-918 simplifying wiring and adding true gain adjustment to both channels.

The AGMPB/918 and AGMPBoo are ideal for providing excellent tone from an instrument with 1 or 2 magnetic pickups and a piezo bridge pickup. Both channels deliver clear and transparent sound with extremely low distortion. Like all of our preamps, they are internally shielded to reject electromagnetic noise and include filters to block AM and FM radio signals on the inputs. Bartolini set the standard for fully sealing the sensitive electronics. We use only professional double tin-plated pure copper wire with durable semi-rigid insulation. This ensures that the 4-inch pre-stripped wires do not flop around in the cavity and that the wire does not cut through the insulation over time.
Both buffer/preamps can be used with a single 9-volt battery (9-volt operation) or with two 9-volt batteries wired in series (18-volt operation) for 6dB extra headroom with no tonal change. Both deliver clear and transparent sound with extremely low distortion. The buffers are sold as kits that include a 25KOhm blend pot.

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