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AxLabs 500K LOG - lang type - 18 tagger R-VAL500KA-SP
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High quality potentiometers from AxLabs. These audio taper pots feature a ⅜” bushing and coarse (T18) knurled shaft (Epiphone m.fl. - ikke Gibson). The dish back style matches the construction of many vintage guitars.

Unlike any other potentiometers on the market, AxLabs pots were specifically designed for electric guitars, utilizing years of painstaking attention to detail in the industry.

AxLabs potentiometers feature machined brass shaft sleeves and are lubricated with 3 different types of grease used in specific areas of the moving parts for ultra-smooth rotation. Shafts are then reinforced with a retainer ring positio­ned for strength and to reduce friction. Lastly, a nickel-plated steel housing was used for the ease of gripping solder as well as the classic, high-end look of vintage pots.


  • Classic mounting 3/8”x32 thread
  • 3/8” mounting hole diameter required
  • Includes necessary nuts and washers
  • Split knurl fits 15/64” press fit knobs (classic knobs from major guitar brands since the birth of electric guitars)


  • Total Resistance = Less than ± 20%
  • Insulation Resistance: More than 50MΩ
  • Withstand voltage: 250V AC per 1 minute
  • Operating force: Less than ± 10%~ -30% for initial operating force
  • Bushing Length = 9.5 mm
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