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Emerson PRO blender splitshaft 250K EMERSONBLENDER
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Similar in function to the Fender "No Load" pot, the Emerson Pro Blender pot is an improvement to this design idea. Our Blender Pot acts as a true bypass when rotated between 9 and 10. The main difference from the "No Load" is that the Emerson Pro Blender pot does NOT have a detent, which means a no click feel between 9 and 10. Our Blender pot is best used for true bypass tone control or Blender guitar wiring. We specially designed a custom taper for this pot so the "blending" is seamless and very intuitive.

  • Low Torque
  • 10% Tolerance
  • Custom Designed Audio Taper
  • Brass shaft and bushing
  • 3/8" Shaft for Mounting on Pickguards, Control Plates or flat top guitars (Includes a flat washer, lock washer, and two hex mounting nuts for custom height adjustment)
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